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ACRYLIC Sleeve Stencil (PERFECT for bleach or dye)

ACRYLIC Sleeve Stencil (PERFECT for bleach or dye)

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This stencil is PERFECT for bleaching/spraying anywhere on a shirt! I used it on a sleeve and a bottom corner! I've used bleach and tulip color shot with these templates! They're so versatile! 

MY STENCILS ARE SOME OF THE LARGEST YOU WILL FIND AVAILABLE! Everyone else offers 8 inch stencils at the largest... Mine are 9 INCHES!
Length: 9 inches
Width: 9 inches

These are shipped with masking in place and will need removed before using. Clean with soap and water. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL as it will cause them to crack.
Templates are cut from 1/8" clear acrylic with a precision laser. Templates are cut generous size to fit up to a 3X shirt.

*These will be packaged with cardboard on both sides, but I WILL ONLY be offering UPS or USPS PRIORITY on these.  (I also offer route insurance, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting it. If it's declined, I am not responsible.)
*These will come MASKED (to prevent scratches in transport).
*My current turnaround time is 10-14 business days. And I will refund any shipping overages. :) 
Ohhhh, did I mention?!? If you buy the HOLIDAY BUNDLE PLUS, I'll throw in my T-Shirt Alignment Tool (frosted clear acrylic) in for FREE! 

CONGRATULATIONS! You found it! Use the code 1776 to save! 😘

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